PCB Router Bits

Midwest carries a complete range of solid carbide router bits or PCB routers as they are more commonly known. PCB router bits are used for machining high tech composite materials. Whether you are routing printed circuit boards, insulating parts, de-panelizing PCB’s, trimming carbon fiber helmets or aircraft parts Midwest Circuit Technology has the right style and diameters to help you get the job done.

Some of the materials these PCB router bits machine are: G10 epoxy fiberglass, “Garolite”, FR4, Phenolic, Polyamide, G11, Carbon Fiber laminates, paper or glass cloth-based composites, ceramics and more, either with or without copper cladding. Typically they are used in CNC equipment with high speed spindles. Many of these tools are used on equipment made by Excellon, Cencorp, ASYS, IPTE, Precision PCB, Kenard, Paul Dozier, Sayaka, JOT, LPKF, OZO, Autolink, Seika Machinery, Techno, Elite Automatic and ATI Depaneling Routers. Alternatively they are used in manual mills and in hand-held spindles such as Dremel’s trimmers.

Diamond cut router bits are the traditional style for routing PCB’s and epoxy glass laminates. They offer long life excellent finish and good productivity. Chipbreaker style are used when higher federates are called for and for certain “softer” materials that benefit from the multi-fluted design. But as a rule the diamond cut routers are the choice used by our customers for composite laminate materials.

Midwest Circuit Technology carries the extended length; 2” overall length, routers for use when depaneling PCB’s that have tall components. Typically most of our routers are of the “Updraft” variety that causes the chips to lift up towards the shank for evacuation into a vacuum receptacle. We also offer the “Downdraft” (down cut) variety as well. Note that the downdraft routers have a “DD” at the end of their part number.

With the exception of the 3/16” and 1/4” sizes our router bits come standard with the plastic set rings at no additional charge. Please let us know in the special instruction section when ordering if you do not want them installed. Please take a moment to view our inventory online and use our secure ordering system to have your tools shipped to you as soon as today!

Please note that when you see (10X) after the part number that means that it is a 10 piece container with quantity discounted pricing. Quantity discount pricing is available on all of our products. Please contact us with your needs.