PCB Carbide Drill Bits

The PCB drill bits that we sell are made of high quality micro grain carbide. They are used primarily in CNC machines for drilling printed circuit boards for electronics but their toughness and accuracy lend them to uses in other industries. Our carbide drill bits are also used in medical and aerospace manufacturing for drilling small precision holes. Carbide PCB drills are well suited for drilling composite materials such as G10 epoxy laminates, phenolic, plastics as well as various metals. They are also widely used for drilling ceramic castings.

With over 35 years of experience using and selling PCB drills, Midwest Circuit Technology can help with reduce your set-up time and shorten your learning curve. We can suggest feeds and speeds parameters based on the materials, board lay-up and equipment capabilities. We can also provide the support tools such as entry, backup material and soft tooling materials.

We carry an extensive line of drills with extra-long flutes used for drilling probe plates or In-Circuit test (ICT) and functional test fixtures or for any project where you need a longer reach tool.

At Midwest Circuit Technology we are also able to produce custom diameters and flute lengths to customer specs. We can often turn small lot specials within 2 weeks. All drills are available with the plastic set rings at no additional charge. Please let us know in the special instruction section when ordering if you do not want them installed.

Please take a moment to view our online inventory and use our secure online ordering system to have your tools shipped to you as soon as today!

Please note that when you see (10X) after the part number that means that it is a 10 piece container with quantity discounted pricing. Quantity discount pricing is available on all of our products. Please contact us with your needs.

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