PCB End Mills

Midwest Circuit Technology’s PCB End Mills are specifically designed for machining PCB made from Teflon and softer PCB substrate materials as well as plastics and Lexan. We stock and carry three varieties of PCB end mills; Series 1 Flute PCB-Teflon, Series 2 Flute PCB, and Series 4 Flute PCB Slot Mills.

Please note that this series of tools with their "Fish Tail" end style are not the best choice for producing prototype PCB’s by milling the copper from laminate. For “Mechanical Etching” of PCB copper laminate our Carbide End Mills or PCB Prototyping Tools with their flat bottom geometry are a better choice.

All of our PCB end mills are available with the plastic set rings at no additional charge. Please let us know in the special instruction section when ordering if you do not want them installed. We stand behind our products; a representative is available at any time via email, phone or Web Chat to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please take a moment to view our online inventory and use our secure online ordering system to have your tools shipped to you as soon as tomorrow!