Diamond Files

The Diamond Files that Midwest Circuit Technology sells are generally used in manufacturing. We stock and carry an extensive collection of Diamond Files including disc files, flat files, needle files and rotary diamond files. Generally diamond files are comprised of ground diamond particles, making them extremely well suited for laborious industrial applications. Most often diamond files are used when working with ceramics, epoxy or other tough, solid surfaces. However, because of their ability to be extremely precise, smaller diamond files also work well on glass, ceramic and a number of different metals.

Our line of Rotary diamond Files and Flex Files are particularly useful for honing out features in ceramic castings. The Flat Diamond Files have a variety of uses in die work as well as casting finishing. The diamond coated Disk Files can be used in die grinders or Dremel type tools for cut off and grinding purposes.

We stand behind the quality and integrity of our products; a representative is available at any time via email or phone to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please take a moment to view our online inventory and use our secure online ordering system to have your tools shipped to you as soon as tomorrow!