For PCB prototyping we offer two overall lengths (OAL) of tools to minimize set up time. The 1.42” (36mm) OAL tools are used for copper removal or “Mechanical Etching” of the copper from the top side of the PCB to form conductor lines and spaces. The 1.50” (38mm) OAL tools are used for cutting thru the board such as drilling and contour routing.

We carry a complete line of carbide tooling for use in PCB prototyping equipment such as from LPKF, T-Tech, MITS and AccurateCNC. Additionally they are being used in numerous table top CNC machines with great success, many of them being the “Homebrew” variety.

The MIL Series are designed for doing “Topside Machining” on the PCB since their OAL length of the MIL Series is 1.42”. They are used for mechanical etching of copper. Their conical end style allows you to increase the width of copper removal by increasing their penetration into the material.

The TSS Series are 1.42” OAL Stub Length End Mills and are used for copper removal between traces or for larger areas where you want “Rub Out” copper. Their short lengths (1.5 times the diameter) make the tools less prone to breakage and are extremely accurate. The path of copper removed will equal the diameter of the tool regardless of depth. They produce copper trace edges that have straight sidewalls which are desirable for RF Circuitry. They can also be used for engraving aluminum nameplates. See the illustration below that shows the type of cut that the TSS Series makes.

The MS Series of end mills are identical to the TSS Series except that their OAL is 1.50”. They are available in a larger number of diameters and can be found on this page: 2 Flute Micro End Mills .001 to .125.

The MR Series of 2 Flute end mills can be used for copper removal or for profile routing (cutting Out) flexible PCB’s and softer laminates. They have a flute length that is 3 times the diameter. Since their OAL is 1.50” they are most useful on equipment that has a programmable “Z” Axis. They can be used on older machines with manual Z adjustment; it just takes greater setup effort. Additional diameters and flute lengths are available on the following page: 2 Flute Micro End Mills .001 to .125.

These tools in combination with our PCB Drill Bits and PCB Router Bits will allow you to produce Printed Circuit Boards to the most exacting standards.